All hair services include a shampoo. Prices may vary depending on the length or thickness of your hair. All services are individually priced.

Owner Vincent Hanson

Vincent Hanson
(510) 522-2881
Vincent is the owner of Salon1500 and strives to provide the best experience for all the clients, He has over 25 years in the industry and specialized in men’s haircuts. Vincent was born and raised in Alameda and is thrilled to be a business owner in his community. He enjoys meeting people every day and looks forward to hearing their stories while giving them a great haircut. He handpicks the stylist at Salon1500 to ensure their work will reflects his high standards, philosophies and customer service.

Hair stylist Lynette Jenkins

Lynette Jenkins
(510) 910-2774

Juanita Solano
(510) 865-7030

Hair stylist Emerline Sung

Emerline Sung
(510) 305-2178

Hair stylist Justin Lorenz

Justin Lorenz
(510) 648-1185

Salon 1500 hair stylist Heater Dean

Heather Dean
(415) 235-7940

Salon 1500 hair stylist Heather Firth

Heather Firth
(510) 689-1334

Salon 1500 hair stylist Heather Firth

Alesha Giles
(628) 226-9723