Welcome To Salon1500

Our culture at Salon1500 is a very special place we call home.

It is there that we are nurturing a vibrant, creative community, where the many talents of a select few fuse together to form a hybrid talent which is greater than any of its single components. This talent evolves constantly by our Salon stylists and there pursue to make your experience with us cherished.

Since opening our doors, our salon has been at full force establishing a reputation of mastery in hair cutting, styling, and coloring. The Bonds are longtime friends.

The front of our hair salon from Encinal Avenue

Salon1500 is a team of leading hair professionals dedicated to quality service. Our staff is recognized as industry experts committed to innovcation and precision. We provide services for virtually any hair type: long, short, curly, straight, classic or edgy. Ultimately, we give clients the hair they’ve always desired – adding hair for volume or length, re-texturizing from curly to straight, or straight to curly. At Salon1500 we use only industry’s finest products to create outstanding style for any hair type of texture, while enhancing condition, health, and shine.